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Why Your Next Website Should Be A WordPress Website

First and foremost, WordPress is not a blogging system, it’s a full-blown content management system (CMS) that powers almost 20% of all websites on the internet. There’s a reason why more and more people are turning to WordPress to build their new websites too – and it’s not because WordPress is free (although the price definitely doesn’t hurt).

Below is a short list of the many benefits of using WordPress to build your next website.

  1. Save Money
    Just because building a basic WordPress website is easy doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. There are tons of tricks that a WordPress expert knows that will make your website work better and look better. Half of the skill needed to build an amazing website with WordPress isn’t knowing how to build something, it’s how to build it better using the amazing range of WordPress tools available. Check out our blog post Why You Should Hire A WordPress Expert for more information.
  2. Save Time
    Building a custom website takes time – a lot of it. Every single piece of the website is designed and programmed from scratch so the process can take months to complete. With a WordPress website you can be up and running in a matter of days.
  3. SEO
    Search engine’s love WordPress because the content is structured well and is frequently updated. If you set-up your site as WordPress expects you to, using tags, captions and keywords when it asks for them, 80 to 90% of the SEO work is already done for you. For even more control over your website’s SEO, there are tons of SEO plugins that you can install to make your website even more search engine friendly.
  4. Consistency
    Each website page is built on the same basic template so you can be sure that your website is consistent. You can still customize and rearrange content on a page by page basis, but every design starts from the same point so all fonts, colours and design elements are pretty much consistent.
  5. Easy Expansion
    You want to add a forum, social media feed or online store to your website – no problem, there’s a plugin for that! Pretty much any feature you want to add to your website is available simply by installing a plugin. The WordPress Plugin Directory alone contains nearly 37,000 plugins. The possibilities are nearly endless.
  6. Easy Updates
    Security or software updates are easy with WordPress. If an update is available, WordPress asks you if you want to update, all you need to do is click yes. There is no second step.
  7. Update From Your Any Computer – Or Your Phone
    You are able to update your WordPress website from any web browser, on any computer, anywhere in the world. If you’re lying on a beach in Thailand and feel the need to update your About Us page, you can even pull out your iPhone and have the changes completed in a matter of minutes.
  8. Responsive Websites Are Easy
    Having a website that works great on mobile devices isn’t really a bonus anymore, it is a requirement for any successful website. WordPress websites are responsive by default so it takes no extra effort to have a website that works on any computer or mobile device.
  9. Have Multiple Users With Different Access Levels
    It’s easy to assign different people different levels of access to your website’s back, ensuring that people only see what they need to see, and as a result, are only able to change what they need to be able to change.
  10. Themes Make It Easy To Change The Look Of Your Website
    WordPress themes are absolutely amazing. There are literally thousands of them available, ranging in quality from abysmal to incredible. A WordPress Expert will be able to help you choose a theme that works for you. And if you ever get tired of how your website looks it’s pretty easy to just install a new WordPress themes and voila, brand new website design.

This only a very short list of WordPress’ benefits – the possibilities are literally endless. No matter what kind of website you want to build, WordPress can do it for you with ease.

Check out our WordPress Website Packages packages to get started today!

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Jeff is a web & graphic designer, writer, blogger, videographer and photographer. Jeff has spent almost 25 years in the industry, with hands-on experience in web design, offset printing, digital prepress and graphic design.

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