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Real Results: More Leads, Higher ROI and Explosive Growth

It’s like having a team of marketing experts whose only focus is growing your business.

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Results That Speak For Themselves

How does a 3,852% ROI for your ad spend sound? Or what about a 184% increase in online sales? Or even a 47% reduction in cost per conversion? These are real client success stories and we can do the same for you!

We’re not just promising to run a few Google Ads or update a few keywords on your website (seriously, anyone can do that). We use our entire suite of digital marketing and optimization tools to turn your online presence into a revenue generating machine.

Whether you want more leads, more online sales or more event sign-ups, we turn your marketing dollars into results.

Gescan saw a 3,852% Return On Ad Spend in the last year, including a 10,700% Return On Ad Spend using Google Shopping Ads
The Furnace Store has seen a 2,000% Return on ad spend with Google Shopping Ads and a 20% month over month growth in organic traffic
We partnered with GYMVMT in the middle of the pandemic, reducing cost per conversion by 47% and increased conversion rates from 1.67% to 5.34%
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Explosive Growth, Guaranteed...

Local Propeller’s digital marketing packages combine all of our services into one highly effective service that is designed to achieve explosive growth.

We use all of our expertise to make the most out of your marketing dollars – constantly researching, analyzing, optimizing, executing and driving leads. It’s like having a team of marketing experts whose only focus is growing your business.

Regular Scheduled Meetings

We value open and effective communication above all else. That’s why we include weekly client meetings to discuss marketing strategy, ad account performance, set metrics and any website updates.

We also include a monthly strategy meeting to plan upcoming ad campaigns and marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using meticulous on-page and off-page SEO strategies we ensure your website is optimized for the best possible search results. We also create keyword-rich website content that enhance user engagement and drives increased organic traffic to your site. And because we actively build quality backlinks that strengthen your website’s domain authority, all of our other work is even more effective.

You will notice increased website traffic as your SEO ranking rises. And with our on-site SEO optimizations you will have a better chance of converting that traffic into customers.

PPC & Social Media Ad Management

At Local Propeller, we specialize in PPC and Social Media ad campaigns that are designed to make the best use of your marketing budget.

Our team of marketing experts create eye-catching animated ad campaigns that will resonate with your audience, drive engagement and convert clicks into paying customers. And we constantly refine and target our marketing strategies to both expand your reach and lower your cost per conversion.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using analytics reports and website monitoring software we are able to see exactly what people do when they visit your website, including what buttons they click, how far they scroll on a page, and even exactly where they are clicking.

This analysis allows us to continuously optimize the design of your website and landing pages to achieve the maximum possible conversion rates.

Analytics & Reporting

Don’t waste your time reading through multiple analytics reports to try and figure out how your online presence is working each month.

Local Propeller’s client dashboard allows you to view real-time information from all of your website’s most important metrics, including Google Analytics, Google Ads & PPC advertising, social media, eCommerce sales, SEO and CRMs like HubSpot or Salesforce.

Website Maintenance & Support

You go straight to the top of our task list for all website updates, including content changes and additions, UX / UI improvements and implementation of design changes to help improve conversion rates.

We also run regular software updates and backups to ensure your website stays safe and secure.

Managed Web Hosting

We ensure your website is available 24/7. Local Propeller offers a fully-managed web hosting solution that is lightning fast, super secure and backed-up nightly so you never have to deal with web hosting issues again.

Advanced Business Integrations

Local Propeller specializes in working with the industry leaders, including HupSpot, MailChimp, and Zapier. We are experts at seamlessly integrating our digital marketing efforts with these platforms, enabling your business to fully leverage your current tools.

Working hand-in-hand with your CRM and other systems we assist in budget creation, pinpointing actual cost per acquisition, and delivering data-driven insights. This allows you to make informed business decisions with clarity and confidence.

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What Our Customers Say

You know Local Propeller did an amazing job when competing website developers comment on how the SEO on our site is perfectly optimized and that they would not be able to add any value.

Blake Menning, MBA
All Choice Rentals - Drayton Valley, Alberta

I have definitely seen an increase in new clients and I know FOR SURE its because of my website!! YAHOO, great job! They all Googled and found me!

Kathleen Keller
Keller Method Vitality - Calgary, Alberta