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What Are Premium WordPress Plugins?

Last modified: September 24, 2020
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One of the best features of WordPress is the ability to install plugins that add features to your website. There are literally tens of thousands of WordPress plugins available, both free and paid.

The largest collection of free WordPress plugins is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory – this is also the easiest way to install a WordPress plugin as it’s accessible directly from within the WordPress admin interface. There is a wide range of plugins available of varying degrees of quality. There are some absolutely fantastic plugins available here but you have to be careful as some are hopelessly out-of-date or extremely poor quality.

We use a number of these free plugins for nearly every website we build. These plugins are free, kept current with constant updates and work perfectly.

However, for some features we don’t even bother looking for free WordPress plugins. Local Propeller uses a set of constantly growing premium plugins for certain features because they just perform so much better than any of the free options we have found.

Our Favourite Premium WordPress Plugins

The list below contains a few of our current favourite premium WordPress plugins. This isn’t an exclusive list though, if your website requires something specific that we haven’t used before, we search the internet, read reviews and try demos to ensure we find the best possible option.

WP Bakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder is a page builder plugin for WordPress which allows us to create stunning website content, easily and efficiently. It also allows our clients to make their own website updates.

Ninja Tables Pro

Ninja Tables is the best table builder plugin with a user-friendly layout and easy to use settings. There’s no better way to create amazing tables in WordPress

Coming Soon Pro

SeedProd Coming Soon Pro, the world’s best coming soon and maintenance mode plugin for WordPress.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is hands down the best forms plug-in for WordPress. Easily build multi-page forms and tie in to services like Stripe, MailChimp and FreshBooks.

Bloom Email Opt-Ins

Bloom is the ultimate email opt-in plugin for WordPress. You can easily add opt-in forms to your website with complete control over the design and location of each.

Monarch Social Sharing

Take social sharing to the next level with Monarch, a social media plugin with amazing features and tons of style.


Literally hundreds of amazing WordPress plugins for almost anything you want your WordPress website.


Wordfence is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin available. It continuously prevents, patrols and protects your WordPress website against ultra-advanced cyber attacks, hacks and online security threats.

What Premium Plugins Are Included?

All of our website and ecommerce packages include at least one premium WordPress plugin – if you require a few more, it’s all good, we just include the extra cost of the additional plugins to your final invoice.


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