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5 of the Best & Biggest PPC Changes of Last Year

The PPC industry had to stay on it’s toes in 2016 with many new features and changes coming out within the year. Though there were many more changes, here are our top 5 PPC changes of 2016 that stood out.

1.AdWords Expanded Text Ads

One of the largest changes to text ads themselves was the announcement of Expanded Text ads. Which increased the size of the text ads to twice the size.  Moving them now to two 30-character headlines and one 80 character description line.

2. No More Right-Side Ads

One day the Google search page looked very different, Google Kills Off Right-Hand Side Ads. Lots of white space. Google’s attempt to bring it’s SERPs more aligned with Google’s mobile experience. Not to mention adding a fourth ad spot above organic search results.

3. AdWords Message Extensions

A new and exciting addition to the the ad Extension family, the Message Extension. These new extensions let searchers text a business directly from the SERP.  Advertisers are able to have a pre-written text message to start the conversation.

Though there is yet to have conversion tracking on these, I’m sure it’s soon to come.

4. The AdWords iPhone App

Adwords on the go! Perfect. With the release of a new AdWords app for iOS. Download it and give it a try.

5. Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns

Advertisers now have the ability to target age and gender demographics within search campaigns. You can also see data on how genders and ages are interacting with your ads. Giving you the opportunity to create bid adjustments for specific demographics or excluding people of a certain age or gender from seeing your ads altogether.


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