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I had been working with Jeff and Christian for a while before we jumped into a brand overhaul. Back in the day, Jeff was recommended to me by one of my partners for webmaster services. I had really been struggling to find a responsive and affordably priced provider and found that in spades with Local Propeller. Fast forward to a little over a year ago, we had been entertaining a brand “refresh.” Problem was, with so many moving parts in the business and having done all of our earlier branding work in house, the thought of diving into the creative process again was bloody daunting and this isn’t our core competency – making kick ass skincare concoctions is. Anyhow, around this time Jeff and Christian hit us with a proposal to do exactly what we needed – create a new logo, develop a new e-commerce platform, product packaging…even work with us on a press release. Hallelujah!

The creative process is fraught with challenges but these Local propeller has been understanding, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Any time I learn just enough to be dangerous in the field of web page development, they walk me through the pros and cons of my “great idea” and we collectively come to a decision. The work we have been doing has been an entirely collaborative process. They are as vested in our success as we are and we can see it.

LocalPropeller is an incredible full service creative agency.