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We're very proud of the service we provide for our customers. Our client relationships don't just run fro 9 AM to 5 PM - we're there when you need us.
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We're very proud of the service we provide for our customers. Our client relationships don't just run fro 9 AM to 5 PM - we're there when you need us.

I had been working with Jeff and Christian for a while before we jumped into a brand overhaul. Back in the day, Jeff was recommended to me by one of my partners for webmaster services. I had really been struggling to find a responsive and affordably priced provider and found that in spades with Local Propeller. Fast forward to a little over a year ago, we had been entertaining a brand “refresh.” Problem was, with so many moving parts in the business and having done all of our earlier branding work in house, the thought of diving into the creative process again was bloody daunting and this isn’t our core competency – making kick ass skincare concoctions is. Anyhow, around this time Jeff and Christian hit us with a proposal to do exactly what we needed – create a new logo, develop a new e-commerce platform, product packaging…even work with us on a press release. Hallelujah!

The creative process is fraught with challenges but these Local propeller has been understanding, professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Any time I learn just enough to be dangerous in the field of web page development, they walk me through the pros and cons of my “great idea” and we collectively come to a decision. The work we have been doing has been an entirely collaborative process. They are as vested in our success as we are and we can see it.

LocalPropeller is an incredible full service creative agency.

Chad Zelensky BPS, MBA
Creative Mastermind / Lowen’s Natural Skincare

Local Propeller did an amazing job creating and redesigning All Choice Rentals website. From the design stage to launch, Christian and Jeff were courteous, responded quickly and were professional. I am extremely happy with the number of request for quotations we have received in such a short period of time.

We have received more requests for quotations in one month than we ever did on our old website. You know Local Propeller did an amazing job when competing website developers comment on how the SEO on our site is perfectly optimized and that they would not be able to add any value.

I truly believe All Choice Rentals website is among the best in the equipment rental industry. I STRONGLY recommend Local Propeller.

Blake Menning, MBA
VP Business Development / All Choice Rentals

It was a pleasure working with Jeff on my company logo and website. He perfectly tailored and executed my vision, translating to an end product that represents exactly the brand image I wanted. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for creative design services.

Kelsea Michael
Jeff is a such a creative, patient and talented designer. He really took the time to explain the process to me and he made things very easy for me to understand. I am thrilled with my new website, everyone I show it to loves it. He delivered a great product to me and right on time. I think his pricing was very reasonable and I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to build their brand.
Kathleen Keller

I have been using Local Propeller services for the last 5 years for all of my business ventures and non-profit organization. Working with Jeff Fraser has been great and I refer my colleagues to work with him as well. He is extremely dependable, especially with last minute changes and edits. He provides clear steps to help anyone with little to no WordPress experience. His many years of experience and design back ground is well thought out and organized for other users to work through. We love working with Jeff and will continue to refer him in the future.

Lourdes Juan

We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Jeff Fraser during a crisis and couldn’t be happier with the calm, lucid manner by which they problem solved our issue. Within 15 minutes, our client’s site had a new host, domains redirected and we had all the keys. They’ve become our go to since.

Dario Hudon-Verrelli
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