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WordPress Concierge Service-01
WordPress Concierge Service-01
Websites For The Do-It-Yourselfer

You already know that you need a website, that’s a given. But you’re also pretty tech savvy and would like to take a stab at building everything yourself. The problem is, where do you start…

You could use a website builder offered through many different companies (GoDaddy offers a pretty basic service, but there are also Wix or Squarespace.) These will all give you a website, and depending on your skill, it might be a pretty decent site. The major downside is that you are locked into that company’s system. Stop paying your bill and you no longer have a website – you can’t even move it to a different web host.

Benefits of WordPress?

Most people have heard of WordPress – it’s the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web and growing every single day. There’s many reasons for it’s popularity, many of which are covered in our blog post titled Why Your Next Website Should Be A WordPress Website.

With WordPress your website is your website and you are free to move it anywhere you want. There are no back-end systems that lock it to one service.

Our Apprentice Service Includes

You can absolutely build a WordPress website yourself, but it can be a little bit daunting. Getting WordPress installed, picking the right theme and plugins and ensuring there is a back-up of your site are all critical to the success of any website.

Our WordPress Apprentice System allows you to do all of the easy work and rely on our expertise for all the heavy lifting.

If you just want us to install WordPress and hand over the keys, we can do that. Or if you want us to install WordPress, pick and install a WordPress theme, install a few plugins and then let you do all the interior decorating, we can do that too. It’s totally up to you!

And don’t worry, when you get stumped, or just don’t feel confident enough to tackle a certain part of the website build, we’re happy to help. You will also have access to our extensive library of instructional videos to answer your biggest WordPress questions.

We’re available by email, phone or video chat to discuss any issues you are having. Our video chats use screen sharing so we are able to see exactly what’s happening on your end.

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3 Months Free Web Hosting!

Sign-up for our awesome WordPress Apprentice service and you get three months of our Premium Web Hosting, absolutely, totally free!

When Local Propeller hosts your website we have full access to the web server so we can fix everything that needs to be fixed – ensuring that your website performs even better. Plus you’ll save money because we don’t have to waste hours dealing with your web hosting company’s tech support line. It’s a win-win situation!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to host your website with Local Propeller to take advantage of our WordPress Apprentice service. But we really think you should!

WordPress Apprentice Pricing
Install WordPress

Just give us access to your web hosting account and we can get WordPress installed for you. If you transfer your web hosting to Local Propeller we install WordPress for free!

Install WordPress Theme

Just give us access to your WordPress installation and we can get your WordPress theme installed and running. If you transfer your web hosting to Local Propeller we install WordPress and your WordPress theme for free!

Install WordPress Theme & Demo Content

If you want your newly installed WordPress theme to look like the demo site you looked at when you first bought the theme, we can do that. If your theme comes with demo content* we get it installed and running.

Install WordPress Plugin

If you purchased a WordPress plugin but aren’t sure what to do with the .zip file you received, we can help! Just send us the .zip file and WordPress access and we’ll get everything up and running in no time.

WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates

The absolute most important job with a WordPress website is keeping things up-to-date. We run a back-up and then install any updates to ensure your site is current with all bug and security fixes. The back-up is to ensure that nothing goes wrong.*

WordPress Theme Recommendation

After asking you some simple but thoughtful questions we sift through the thousands of WordPress themes and help you select one that will meet all of your needs.

WordPress Plugin Recommendation

After asking you some simple but thoughtful questions we sift through the thousands of WordPress plugins and help you select one that will meet all of your needs.

WordPress Plugin Audit

WordPress plugin can add great features to your website, but they can also add overhead – the more plugins you have the slower and more insecure your website can become. We analyze how much overhead each plugin requires and then figure out what we can do to reduce the number of plugin while still keeping the same functionality on your website. In the end you get a faster, more secure website.


*If a new version of a plugin or WordPress theme breaks your site we can help you recover but this is an extra charge, based on the amount of work needed to fix all the issues. Not all WordPress themes come with demo content, please check with your theme publisher to ensure this feature is available.