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Your WordPress website isn't secure unless you have a rock-solid backup system
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Your WordPress website isn't secure unless you have a rock-solid backup system
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Super Backup Is Like ⌘ - Z For Your Website

A good back-up is like insurance for your website – you don’t need it until something goes wrong, and when something goes wrong you’re really, really glad you have it.

With Local Propeller’s Super Backup, creating a website back-up is dead simple – all you have to do is sign-up and we take care of the rest.

Your website is continuously monitored for file changes, and every little update is automatically sent to our cloud based storage. But there’s a lot more to a back-up than just creating a copy of the files that make-up your website. Every backup we run contains a full-blown backup of your website, including all of the following:

  • Pages
  • Themes
  • Settings
  • WordPress Database
  • Posts
  • Plugins
  • Comments
  • Files & Directories
  • Users
  • Media Library
  • Widgets
  • WordPress core

Not only can you restore a single file, you can restore your entire website with just a few clicks.

So the next time you have an “oh crap!” moment, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You can rest easy knowing your website and content is safe and secure.

Up-To-The Minute Real Time Backups

Up-To-The Minute Real Time Backups

Your website is continually monitored for changes to posts, pages, media, plugins & themes – any changes are immediately pushed to the cloud for safe storage.

Easily Restore Individual WordPress Files

Easily Restore Individual WordPress Files

Easily view contents of website files (including .php, .html, .htaccess files) and restore them with one click – you can undelete or roll back to an earlier version of a file

Built-In Automatic Malware And Blacklist Scan

Built-In Automatic Malware and Blacklist Scan

Super Backup runs a malware scan of your website to make sure it’s squeaky clean. We also check major blacklists to ensure your website has not been added by mistake.

Easy, One-Click Full Website Restore

Easy, One-Click Full website Restore

Super Backup can restore your entire website back to its original glory, including all uploaded images, WordPress theme and plugin files, with just one click.

Complete Database Rollback

Complete Database Rollback

Roll back your WordPress database with just a few clicks – super useful for when you accidentally delete a post, page or comment.

Automatic Database Scans & Repairs

Automatic Database Scans & Repairs

Super Backup automatically scans and repairs common issues with your database – preventing problems from arising in the first place.

Safe And Secure Off-Site Backups

Safe and Secure Off-Site Backups

All backup files are automatically sent to our remote storage server – rest assured that if anything does happen to our web server, your website files are safe and secure.

Fully Automated, Scheduled Backups

Fully Automated, Scheduled Backups

Automatically run WordPress backups hourly, twice daily, daily, every other day, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly and more – just set it and forget it!

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Add Super Backup to one of our premium web hosting packages for just $10/month!


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